Google underpay women? Department of Labor is investigating

Does Google underpay womenThe US Department of Labor has received compelling evidence of “systemic compensation disparities against women” within the entire workforce of Google. The regional director of Department of Labor, in April 2017 has testified before San Francisco court in an ongoing investigation that Google is violating federal employment laws with its salaries for female workers “in the most common positions at Google headquarters”.

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Google pays academics for written support

A report unveils Google is paying academics for written supportAccording to a report issued by the Wall Street Journal, Google's Academic Inc., Google has paid academics and professors to write papers supporting its views on public policy issues.

The report is based upon a study conducted by the non-profit advocacy group Campaign for Accountability that discovered 329 research papers concerning policy subjects published between 2005 to 2017 and funded by Google.

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FTC rejects claims of antitrust violations against Google

Federal Trade CommissionJanuary3rd, 2013 Statement in matter of Google 111-0163 issued by Federal Trade Commission: “In sum, we find that the evidence presented at this time does not support the allegation that Google’s display of its own vertical content at or near the top of its search results page was a product design change undertaken without a legitimate business justification. Rather, we conclude that Google’s display of its own content could plausibly be viewed as an improvement in the overall quality of Google’s search product.

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